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It was a gigantic city of great efficiency and a marvel in its time for its system of canals and waterways.

Broken Spears

The god existed in many forms and, much like Quetzalcoatl, probably represents a combination of several lesser deities that were venerated in the villages. But this is not the case.

View Full Essay Words: Other people of the Aztec empire saw the Spaniards as powerful allies against Moctezuma and his imposed rule. After a series of both successful and unsuccessful political and military calculations from both Cortes and Moctezuma, war finally began. This fact is not surprising because the Aztecs were farming people and so the fertility of the earth is one of their key concerns.


This scenario becomes extremely unlikely upon the realization that, in order to sacrifice that many people in that span of time, 20, people had to be ritually killed each day, or roughly fourteen people per minute.

After leaving Cozumel, Cortes and his ships sailed up the east cost of Mexico, fighting and Spanish conquest aztecs essay thousands of Indians along the coast. Click on image to enlarge It is important to remember that the Spaniards and literate Aztecs who chronicled the ancient civilization wrote about people in the cities.

Other inconsistencies and incomplete narratives from the Spanish include overestimating and perhaps intentionally inflating numbers. I have a thread about it trying to figure out which god became which saint: We are deeply grateful for this wonderful contribution, based on his own field research in Mexico over many years When Cortes landed, Moctezuma incorrectly believed that the Spaniards could be placated with gold and jewels; a catastrophically erroneous assumption.

Click on image to enlarge In sum, what can we conclude about the fate of the Aztec gods? Don Martin Cortes was both literally and figuratively the beginning of the Mexican race, and the result of Cortes' successful assimilation into the Indian culture - an assimilation which would ultimately prove to be their defeat.

The offerings are dedicated to various deities to promote crop fertility. Although they were originally subjugated under the Toltecs, they were strong mercenaries, and eventually were able to begin to build their great city -- Tenochtitlan.

The deity is associated with darkness, night, and the nahualli, a sorcerer who transforms into an animal to attack his victims. It seems likely that the god was created by Aztec priests in the cities out of many smaller gods that existed in the villages during the pre-Hispanic period.

By comparison, the city or town that Bernal Diaz was describing almost certainly lacked the population and military influence necessary to secure that many captives and then successfully execute them. The Florentine Codex, created by the chronicler Bernardino de Sahagun, was written in a latinized Nahuatl script.

Augustine of Hippo in CE. They were originally nomads, and they came to the Valley of Mexico in In short, he learned to assimilate into their culture. The Aztecs worshipped a multitude of gods, each of whom demanded offerings and sacrifices.

Even after General Cortes and his troops were settled into luxurious apartments and given a sumptuous meal, they remained very cautious. This text primarily discusses daily life, mythology, and the rules of various kings, but also touches on war and conquest. Although the demise of the Aztec empire opened up the New World for European settlers, it is a tragic event when seen from the viewpoint of the natives.

In September of that year, his army battled with the Tlaxcaltecs, and the Tlaxcaltecs, defeated, became Spanish allies. These courageous men fought valiantly with primitive tools and weapons that they could manufacture.

The paper figure is dressed in a greencloth costume and has hair made from braided ribbons. She has come down to us as the Virgin of Guadalupe and many consider her to be the patron saint of all Mexico.

This shows that Spanish conquistadors were able to act early. Close-up of dressed paper images of Grandfather and Grandmother, the sacred aspects of the earth.Hernando Cortes Conquered the Aztecs!.

Hernando Cortes, a Spanish Conquistador, ventured into Tenochtitlan, the capital of Aztec empire, searching for gold, god, and glory. He set out to conquer the empire and to capture the Aztecs in order to achieve such things.

Unfortunately for the Aztecs. This paper examines the defeat of the Aztecs by the Spanish conquistadors.

The Conquest Of The Aztec Empire

It considers the significance of military technology, religious beliefs and the Aztec lack of resistance to Old World diseases, with the last being the most crucial factor in the conquest.

Free Essays on Aztec Religion. Search. Spanish Conquest The Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire is one of the most significant moments of American colonization. Pre (before the Spanish encountered the Aztec people), the Spanish were interested only in finding gold.

The Spanish Conquest on the Americas. - Print; Main. Aztec City of Tenochtitlan founded Aztecs choose their first emperor Inca military expansion begins Spanish occupy Aztec Empire De Alvarado invades Maya lands Spanish conquer Gutaemala Pizarro lands at Incan settlement of.

The Spanish Conquest introduced the indigenous people not only to the Spaniards, but also to a vast array of European diseases.

The Spanish Conquest on the Americas

We will write a custom essay sample on The Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico specifically for you. Most history documents the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire having taken place between andbut as told in Broken Spears, there is record of the Aztec’s having received a bad omen almost ten years prior to the arrival of the Spaniards.

Spanish conquest aztecs essay
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