Can art be immoral essay

For instance, a work may demonstrate a point of view often marginalised, and this may enable the writing to be more original or vital. If they step outside the ethical customs, there will be repercussions.

Secondly, the degree to which a work would then be immoral or moral under a consequentialist approach would be determined partly by how many people engaged with the work, which is clearly entirely incidental to the work itself.

Is it well-made or poorly made? If a novel demands sympathy for a character one cannot bring oneself to identify with, it will have an aesthetic limitation due to a moral flaw although it is plausible that a skilful author could persuade a reader to give sympathy where it is not due.

If they break these laws, they are subject to the consequences of doing so. The word 'artist' itself states the profession as well as the fact that she is acknowledged as one experienced enough in the ways of art to be called an artist. Can this be maintained?

New Women, New Novels: The immoral practices done by a number of artists are totally unacceptable by some religions as well, and the artworks done by these artists are even banned from being displayed in certain countries, particularly countries with the Islam religion as the religion of the majority of their people.

Virtue ethics will tend to blur the boundary between artistic skill and morality, so does not provide a good vantage point for approaching the question as it stands. This is not to say that artists and audiences do not have ethical responsibilities in the realm of art; ethics is pervasive and cannot be ignored simply because the practices under scrutiny relate to art.

A good example of this is the film The Birth of a Nation by D. You will come to wonder how is the piece of art seen through the judges' eyes and why they see it as 'good art'. If no distinction can be drawn, one could argue that works of art simply cannot be subject to moral judgements, so cannot be immoral, implying that great artworks, a fortiori, cannot be immoral.

University of North Carolina Press, Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Is it worth that much of money because it was admitted into the exhibition?

Therefore, consequentialism cannot provide a sensible framework for ethical evaluation of works of art. What makes a person qualified as a proclaimed judge of the arts? Firstly, the effect an artwork has on its audience in terms of their subsequent actions is determined both by the artwork itself, and by the audience.Can art be moral or immoral?

by on January 29, I do believe that there are many instances in which art can be very immoral. as the consequences of theses pieces could have negative affects.

Can art be moral or immoral?

To respond positively that a great work of art can indeed be immoral, one must be committed to the thesis that one can make ethical evaluations about art and further claim that either immorality in an artwork does not undermine aesthetic value, or that it can even contribute to it.

Essay on the connection between Art and Mortality Subrat Mangaraj Advertisements: A French poet said, "To admire art because it can uplift the individual is like admiring the rose because we extract from its medicine for eye." First of all, let us at once admit that logical consequence of our acceptance of this view is the development of an.

The Nonexistence of “Unethical Art”

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Oscar Wilde’s “Immoral Aestheticism” Essay Sample

Keywords experiences, I don't believe art can be immoral and that art is a form of expression that has no limits. Although it may not be accepted by society as a whole and never receive credit. Nov 21,  · Essay on abortion is murder and immoral.

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Can, and Should, We Look Past the Character of the Artist - However Immoral We Consider Them to Be - and Simply Experience and Esteem the Work Itself? Topics: Aesthetics Can We Define Art Essay Can we define art? Of course we can define art.

According to dictionary, art is the quality, production, expression, or realm.

Can art be immoral essay
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