An overview of the education rita by willy russel and its themes

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Educating Rita Summary

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An analysis of macbeths character in the tragedy of macbeth

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The types of love… Smore Cpt Presentation:Educating Rita by Willy Russell explores the relationship between the two characters involved in the play, Frank and Rita over a time span, of several months. A variety of themes are explored as Rita, a working class Liverpudlian, aspires to a higher s /5(5).

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Afghanistan: Landlocked multiethnic country located in the heart of south-central Asia. Educating Rita: Society, Education and Self-Reflection Usa Padgate * Abstract Educating Rita is a play written by Willy Russell, an English playwright from Liverpool.

It was voted ‘Best Comedy of the Year’ when performed by the. Rita and Frank's Relationship in Educating Rita - Rita and Frank's Relationship in Educating Rita At the start of the play, Rita and Frank's personalities clash because Rita is an uneducated girl who has the attitude of the working class.

A review of educating rita by willy russel and its themes

Educating Rita is one of playwright Willy Russell’s most well regarded works, as well as one of the most popular works for the theater of the late 20th century. Russell based the play on his own experience of growing up in a working class environment in Liverpool and not attending college until his twenties.

The ThemeTracker below shows where, and to what degree, the theme of Self-Worth appears in each Act of Educating Rita. Click or tap on .

An overview of the education rita by willy russel and its themes
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